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Right now mind-blowing new technologies are hitting the market faster than ever before. Radical Technology Profits goes way beyond simply new, or innovative, or even astounding; these are truly radical technologies. Ones that have the power to sweep across the globe and change the very fabric of our lives.

Radical technologies like these have three things in common: 1) They can take decades from inception to the time they finally “break out;” 2) Their potential impact can be nearly unimaginable early in the process; 3) For those who see the vision and get in early, these technologies can create life-changing wealth.

That’s precisely what editor Michael A. Robinson aims to do for you with this service.

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My name is Michael Robinson.

I’m Money Morning’s Director of Venture Capital and Technology Research.

And I’ve got a major announcement to make.

If you like the idea of becoming a millionaire this month

You’ll want to pay very close attention to everything I’m about to say…

Just a short while ago, a little-known Federal mandate quietly went into effect across the United States.

It stipulates the immediate deployment of a cutting-edge technology like you see here…

I refer to it as an Augmented Digital Co-Pilot – or ADC for short.


This one measures just 2.2 inches long by 2.5 inches tall and wide…

It looks a lot like your standard doorknob, only slightly smaller.

But don’t let its size fool you. This ADC technology packs a punch.

A big one…

Inside these ADC Devices, you’ll find:

  • Critical navigation components resembling those found in F-16 Fighter Jets and the Hubble Space Telescope…
  • The same un-hackable cyber defense system that protects our nuclear warheads, and…
  • A decentralized global network of supercomputers that is more powerful than Microsoft, Google, and IBM combined…

The end result…

This ADC Device can create a virtual perimeter around you that extends out 20 miles in diameter.

It’s accurate at predicting potentially dangerous threats in your path within one microsecond and two meters…

And helps protect you from these very threats.

Most importantly…

It can stop some of the deadliest accidents on the road… from ever occurring.

In other words…

What you’re looking at is a quantum leap forward in automotive safety technology.

ADC Devices could help prevent up to 500,000 auto accidents a year and save 5,000 lives.

Which is why an estimated 1 out of every 50 adults with a driver’s license will need to secure one of these devices by March 31st. This is the last day before this mandate will be fully enforced.

And after you see what this miraculous breakthrough can do, you’re going to hope you are one of them.

Even better, if you play your cards right, this device could make you an absolute fortune – a seven-figure fortune.

Check this out…

The House of Representatives estimates the nationwide implementation of this technology will generate $2 billion.

That’s $2 billion that’s up for grabs because of this new Federal mandate.

And it’s all thanks to this device.

But there’s an interesting twist to this story…

According to industry experts – the vast majority of people who must follow the mandate have yet to secure an ADC Device.

And they better hurry.

Raymond Martinez is President Trump’s pick to oversee this rollout…

As he puts it…

“Adhering to the mandate is “legally required.”

Raymond Martinez

In a few moments, I’m going to show you graphic footage of the types of accidents this device could stop.

Because then you will understand:

  • How powerful this technology is…
  • How, like a crystal ball, it can miraculously help drivers predict accidents well into the future…
  • How it could stop them from occurring in the first place, and hopefully…
  • How this month, you could become a millionaire from this ADC Device.

Listen, I’ve spent over three decades in Silicon Valley.

I’ve been a board member for a prominent venture capital firm. And I’m an advisor to 12 high-tech innovative startups.

Let me be blunt:

You don’t need a degree from Wharton to understand what’s about to take place. This is Business 101.

You now have an opportunity to get in on the ground-floor of a next generation safety technology.

One that is government mandated.

A mandate that will be enforced in full on April 1st. That’s why you need to act by March 31st.

And affects 3.63 million vehicles that are currently on the road…

Plus, tens of millions more in the years ahead.

And a mandate that our government estimates will initially create a $2 billion cash grab.

I want to stress that word “initially.”

Because history has proven repeatedly that once that money spigot is turned on… it only gets bigger and bigger.

For instance, in 1995, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) mandated that all new cars have dual airbags, like the ones shown here.


Today, the patents for those airbags are set to generate an estimated $33 billion in new wealth a year.

Imagine having a piece of those patents on day one…

Or how about this…

You’ve probably seen this icon appear on your dashboard.


That’s your Tire Pressure Monitoring System…

In 2007, the government mandated all vehicles use this technology.

Now, those patents are set to create $5.6 billion in new wealth annually.

Or consider other safety technologies like adaptive lighting on trucks and cars…


That’s worth about $1.49 billion a year.

Those sensors that beep when a deer runs out in front of our car… they’re good for another $10 billion a year.


Anti-lock brakes… that’s another $41 billion.


And the big one… the advanced driver systems that include things like backup cameras…

That’s set to be worth $89.3 billion annually.

A ground-floor stake in any of these innovations could have made you a millionaire many, many times over…

And you’d still be cashing those paychecks to this day!

Well, I have some good news for you.

This ADC Device is the next life-saving breakthrough that is going to mint millionaires.

And this is your shot at getting in on the ground-floor.

Simply put, it’s a historic moneymaking opportunity – a perfect storm for a monster tech payday that could arrive very quickly…

After all, only a small portion of that initial $2 billion has been realized.

Because those who are required to buy this device are literally waiting until the last second.

Act by March 31st, 2018.

And now, the enforcement date of April 1st is literally days away.

With so little time left, our research suggests there is only one small tech company that can fulfill the immense AND imminent demand for these devices.

Across the board, they have been awarded a dominant 117 patents.

And this is where it gets really exciting.

This firm just released their ADC Device last April.

Since then, they have sold less than $49 million worth of their technology.

That’s it. That’s amazing. That’s the very definition of a ground-floor opportunity.

And that $49 million figure could explode at any moment.

Because their device is the most obvious choice for anyone who must quickly comply before April 1st.

First reason…

They have invented an ADC that is universally compatible in all vehicles subject to the mandate, without any expensive add-ons.


It’s one size fits all.

And anybody can install it in under two minutes.

It’s easy. You just plug it directly into a vehicle’s diagnostic system under the dash. You don’t need to go to a mechanic.

Second reason…

This firm’s ADC Device is the easiest to obtain.

That’s because their executive brain trust includes both some of America’s smartest technological minds…

And savviest business wizards as well…

To give them a sizeable competitive advantage in the market, they’ve inked a series of strategic deals with Ford, GM, Volvo, PACCAR, Daimler, and Caterpillar…

This tech firm has also worked out a distribution deal with Love’s Travel Shops and Country Stores.


Anyone and everyone who needs an ADC can just pop into their closest store between now and March 31st, and pick up this device.

And get this… even Wal-Mart is now selling their invention.

In other words…

This nearly unheard-of tech firm is perfectly positioned for the March 31st drop date. And with a total of $2 billion in play…

They could be on the verge of experiencing a sales surge of 3,982% virtually overnight.

Is it a sure thing? Of course not. No investment is.

But it’s safe to say the insiders see the writing on the wall.

Have you heard of Mario Gabelli?

Most haven’t. After all, he’s not a household name.

However, with a net worth of $1.67 billion, he is the 382nd richest American.

And there has barely been a whisper about this…

Gabelli has acquired a $9.9 million stake in this company.

And he’s not alone…

Institutional heavyweights JP Morgan Chase, Renaissance Technology, Royce & Associates, Dimensional Fund Advisors, and the Vanguard Group are quietly taking eight-figure positions as well.

And you’d be wise to follow in their footsteps.

I’ll say it again…

This tech firm could potentially reap the lion’s share of this $2 billion cash grab – the one being sparked by this March 31st drop date …

That alone could boost sales of their ADC Device by 3,982%.

And since this company is absolutely tiny, I fully expect their share price could ride this surge all the way up.


That would be like transforming…

  • $5,000 into $204,100…
  • $10,000 into $408,200, and…
  • $25,000 into $1,020,500.

And to get in on the ground-floor, all you have to do is strike now before the March 31st drop date.

Now, what I’m about to tell you is incredibly important to understand…

That $2 billion is just a jumping off point.

I anticipate this money is going to keep flooding in for years to come.

After the mandate kicks in, demand is set to skyrocket another 10X between now and 2020.

And it’s only going to keep rising from there.

With their dominant patent pipeline, this tiny tech firm could reap the rewards year after year after year, as tens of billions…

And eventually hundreds of billions of dollars come rushing in.

It goes without saying that we’ve got a lot of ground to cover…

And not a lot of time to do it before this mandate goes live.

So right now, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know.

And I’m going to do it as fast as possible.

Okay… here we go.

Take a look at this…


At first glance, it might resemble an ordinary map…

But it’s far from it.

What you’re looking at is the secret to America’s economic dominance.

This map represents our country’s major commercial trucking routes.

From the food on our tables, to our computers, and medical supplies…

The commercial trucking industry controls a stunning $11.1 trillion of the U.S. economy.

That’s nearly 2X bigger than our…



And real estate industries…


The mandate applies to commercial vehicles who use these routes.

I’m talking specifically about Class-8 commercial vehicles weighing 33,000 pounds or more.

That means:

Tractor trailers, dump trucks, fuel trucks, cement mixers, and more…


There are about 3.63 million of them on the road right now.

And by March 31st, with few exceptions, each is required to install an ADC Device to comply with the enforcement date.

Here’s another way to think about it…

Without this device, on March 31st…

57% of our GDP could effectively come to a halt. It would flat line!

Now, if you’re wondering why the ADC is so important, that Congress felt it was worth risking so much…

Ask yourself this question…

How many times have you found yourself in a situation like this?

You’re driving in the far lane of a highway. On your left, you have one of those formidable concrete barriers that could stop a tank.

Next to you, in the middle lane, is a monster 18-wheeler.

And it is creeping a little too close for comfort.


If you’re like me, this happens to you daily.

And every time, you instinctively go into defense mode.

Rightfully so, too.

A tractor trailer traveling at 65 mph has the same kinetic force as 15 hand grenades all daisy chained together.

And what if you are in that truck’s blind spot and the driver hasn’t slept in two days?

Or the road is slippery?

What if the car in front of that big rig suddenly jams on the brakes…

Or a tire blows causing it to jackknife?


Fortunately, this time nobody was hurt…

But too often, that’s not the case.

Commercial trucks like that 18-wheeler are responsible for an estimated 500,000 accidents a year.

That’s about 1,369 a day…

57 an hour…

And roughly one a minute.


These accidents cost our economy $99 billion annually.

“Large trucks are disproportionately involved in fatal accidents.”

NY Times

But even more important – they’re costing us too many lives.

According to the latest data, about 5,000 people are killed every year from accidents involving a commercial truck.

And while it’s impossible to prevent all accidents…

Thanks to this mandate, a miraculous life-saving innovation is on the way. And you need to take action by March 31st!

Here’s a way to understand it…

This ADC technology is part Digital Co-Pilot… part Early-Warning System.

Built with some of the most advanced components in the world, it closely monitors the driver and truck for any signs of distress.


It’s able to eliminate threats… predict potential accidents…

And in the event it senses danger, it can instantly warn the driver and Fleet Headquarters.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this… but if you were to break open an ADC Device, chances are you’d find something a lot like what you see here.


This is all highly technical…

So admittedly, I’m going to simplify things a bit.

This component is a High-Speed, Data Transfer Port.


It connects directly to the truck’s diagnostic system. You plug it in, right under the dashboard.

And it continuously downloads sensitive real-time data from the vehicle.


It’s capturing braking, cornering, and speed patterns…


As well as readings on fuel efficiency, tire pressure, emissions, the powertrain, and transmission.


This data is essential to assessing both the health of the truck and the driver.

And this intelligence is just a fraction of what the ADC technology will harness in order to save lives.

With the other components, it will continue to build a complete profile of the driver, truck, and surrounding environment.


For instance, over here, you’ll find a G-Force Gauge…


You might recall from physics class that g-force measures the effect of acceleration and gravity on an object.

And tractor trailers create a lot of g-force.


When these big rigs accelerate to 65 mph, the g-force the trucker feels closely resembles an astronaut being launched into space.


Which is why you will find a similar G-Force Gauge inside every F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-22 Raptor in operation for the U.S. Air Force today.


Next, within this enclosure, there’s a three-axis gyroscope.


It spins at a rate of 19,200 revolutions per minute.


It measures, with stunning accuracy, the angle the truck is pointed at any given moment.


This is important during turns, driving up hills, etc.

This might not sound like a big deal, but I promise you it will in a few moments.

Similar gyroscope technology is what makes it possible for the Hubble Space Telescope to adjust its position to spot stars that are light-years away.


That’s how precise this technology is.

Now let’s take a look at this component here.

It is about the size of a penny. I call it a Geofence Tracker.


It creates a virtual perimeter around the truck.


When it’s not moving, the perimeter extends out 20 miles.

And once the truck is in motion, it begins tracking its movement, optimizing its route in a way that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


For instance, the navigation system in your car now relies on GPS.

And those coordinates are beamed down from 31 satellites that are orbiting our planet.

The ADC technology uses GPS as well…

It also taps into another 24 satellites through the GLONASS network.

When you combine these networks… 55 total satellites…

It can pinpoint that truck’s exact location within one microsecond…

And two meters.


Finally, the data from all of these components is continuously compiled and interpreted by a supercomputer processer.


And this intelligence is simultaneously transmitted wirelessly to the Fleet Headquarters.


Everything is encrypted with the same un-hackable block algorithm technology our spy agencies use to protect their most sensitive information…

And our government uses to protect nuclear missiles.

Pretty complicated right?

Well, remember – ADC stands for Augmented Digital Co-Pilot.


A co-pilot in an airplane helps the pilot use all available data to get passengers safely to their destination.

With an ADC Device, a truck driver’s co-pilot is now a supercomputer that connects the rig with a global network of other supercomputers…

It’s able to process infinitely more data than a human brain and in a fraction… of a fraction… of a second…

The end result: This technology augments – it strengthens – the performance of both the driver and his vehicle.

And that will save lives.

Now, let’s apply these capabilities to some real world scenarios.

For Scenario One, I’m going to play a short clip of an accident.


As you can see, once the light turns green, the driver makes what appears to be a modest left turn.

He doesn’t seem to be going too fast either.

Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving.

The angle of the trailer and the weight of the cargo cause the truck to flip over.

And this driver is in for a long day.

Now, remember how I said that ADC technology contains both a G-Force Gauge and a three-axis gyroscope.

These components could&rsquorsquo;ve detected that the turn angle and rate of acceleration were dangerous…

Warning the driver to immediately slow down BEFORE an accident like this took place.

Pretty impressive, right?

Wait until you see Scenario Two.

Here’s another clip.

Imagine you’re this person…

You’re stuck in a rush hour backup and suddenly out your rear window you see a tractor trailer barreling towards you at full speed.

And the rig’s driver didn’t properly anticipate the traffic jam…

As he brakes, the truck loses control.


Fortunately, the driver is able to avoid you and others by swerving through the intersection.

So this could’ve been a lot worse than it was.

However, the ADC is built to help prevent these types of accidents.

Its Geofence Tracker could’ve alerted the driver to upcoming traffic patterns and provided an alternate route if possible.

Or, by constantly monitoring the truck’s speed readings, it could’ve warned the driver of a dangerous situation ahead, giving him plenty of time to adjust.

Next, we have Scenario Three… and another quick clip.

The driver of this tractor trailer has clearly misjudged the speed and distance of an oncoming truck.


These guys were very lucky that the damage was limited to their vehicles.

But this accident could’ve been easily prevented with the help of an ADC Device.

Let’s say 30 minutes before this accident, its supercomputer had detected abnormal driving patterns, such as repeated aggressive braking or irregular acceleration…

Plus, the Geofence Tracker determined the vehicle had been on the road for 10 and a half hours straight.

The ADC could’ve flagged this behavior as an early warning sign that the driver was experiencing fatigue and his judgment was impaired.

And immediately, it could’ve alerted Fleet Headquarters to check on the driver. His bosses could’ve instructed him to get off the road and to a rest stop.

Finally, I’ll quickly highlight one more scenario…

Scenario Four:

This dash cam footage gives you the opportunity to imagine you are the truck driver.

And you are traveling safely down the highway. Ahead you clearly see a black sedan in the right lane.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary.

But as you pull up alongside the vehicle, suddenly you lose control over your rig and veer into the sedan.

Moments later, the world is spinning around you. Your truck overturns and the windshield breaks, scattering debris everywhere.


As you crawl out of the rig, miraculously unscathed, you survey the damage to see the culprit was a blown tire.

And you’re wondering whether there was anything you could’ve done to prevent this accident.

Maybe not then… but now there is…

Because you’ve just equipped your rig with a new ADC.

From this moment on…

When you start your truck to begin your day, it will download all of the various readings from your diagnostics system, scanning for any possible maintenance issues such as vulnerable tires.

And throughout your trip it is running these same calculations again… carefully monitoring your tire pressure for even the slightest sign of a tear.

It’s crunching a stunning 1.2 billion data points a second… looking for any potential danger.

Once it detects a threat, it alerts both you and your Fleet Headquarters in real-time.

And you could’ve gotten to a truck stop or service station, ensuring an accident like this never happens.

These are just a few scenarios out of a nearly infinite amount.

And they make one thing crystal clear…

This ADC technology is miraculous.

And it’s a relative bargain.

The trucking industry is paid $726.4 billion every year to haul an estimated 10.73 billion tons of cargo across the continental U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and associated territories.

So at $2 billion, the cost of deploying ADC Devices nationwide is a drop in the bucket.

Which is why everybody is backing the new mandate, which will be enforced fully in April. That’s why you need to take action by March 31st.

“Today is truly a historic day for trucking. This will change the trucking industry – for the better – forever.”

Bill Graves, President of American Trucking Associations

When it was first signed into law, Bill Graves, the President of the American Trucking Associations, hailed it as a historic day for trucking that will forever change the industry for the better.

And according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration…

“This automated technology brings us into the modern age.”

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Which might just be the understatement of the century…

And the one before it as well.

Listen to this…

Years back, Congress passed a law allowing truck drivers to operate their vehicles for a maximum of 11 hours a day.

The reason…

The number one cause of commercial truck accidents is sleep deprivation.

Here’s the problem…

Care to guess what the current technology for enforcing this law looks like?

A lot like this…


Herman Hollerith

A not-so cutting edge “Punch Card” technology invented by a man named Herman Hollerith for his Tabulating Machine Company in the 1890s…

Yes… the 1890s.

Or even more absurd…

It might look like this…


A basic logbook that relies on “the honor system.”

The ADC Device revolutionizes this process.

The moment a truck is turned on, it lights up and goes to work.

And when the driver reaches his 11-hour limit, he is instantly notified.

Just as important though, so are his bosses at Fleet Headquarters.

If he keeps operating the vehicle – his bosses will know to contact him and tell him to get off the road.

Just ridding the industry of these inefficient paper logs will save $1 billion a year. And the fuel savings are even more exciting.

By optimizing fuel efficiency and driving routes, ADC technology could save the commercial trucking industry $18.83 billion a year.


It goes without saying that nothing in life or the markets is guaranteed.

But the stars seem to be lining up perfectly with this situation.

And who wouldn’t want to get an early piece of the next generation in safety technology?

One that could eventually be as lucrative as airbags – that’s $33 billion a year…

Or anti-lock brakes… that’s $41 billion.

Heck, seatbelts…

Those old-fashioned seat belts that look nearly the same today as they did back in 1959…

Those are set to create about $20 billion in new wealth annually.

And in situations like this, the best time to strike is right before a safety mandate kicks in.

Consider what happened back in 2013.

That’s when a group of states unveiled separate mandates regarding the production of zero emission vehicles.

It was a huge boon for what was, at the time, a tiny electric car manufacturer called Tesla.


Since the first state adopted this mandate, Tesla’s stock has surged as much as 1,267% – its market cap has jumped nearly 19X…

And today it’s the dominant player in electric cars.

What’s coming could blow away the Tesla story.

After all, this mandate is expected to initially create $2 billion in new wealth…

And as full enforcement on April 1st nears, it is going to unleash a wild stampede to purchase these devices.

This is going to unleash a wild stampede to purchase these devices.

If you are looking for a millionaire-making opportunity to close out 2018… this is it.

One tiny, nearly unknown tech firm is primed to win the race to fulfill the nationwide demand for this legally required technology…


They just unveiled what could be the dominant ADC Device last April.

And leading up to the mandate, they’ve sold less than $49 million of it.

But with March 31st speeding toward us, this firm could be positioned for an imminent 3,982% sales surge.

And that’s just phase one!

During phase two, demand for these devices is set to spike another – I repeat ANOTHER 10X!

As I mentioned, I’ve spent 33 years in Silicon Valley.


I’ve served as a board member of a prestigious venture capital firm…

And senior advisor to 12 tech startups.

For decades, I’ve had a knack for spotting “the next big thing.”

In the 1980s – I worked alongside Lee Iacocca and Roger Smith, the CEOs of Chrysler and GM, as they led the robotics revolution that saved the U.S. automotive industry.


That robotic technology is now on track to create nearly $14 billion in new wealth a year.

In the late 1990s, a few miles north of Silicon Valley, I took part in the meetings that mapped out what would become the $160 billion “cloud computing” industry.


After the millennium, I worked with Dave DeWalt, the former CEO of McAfee, on cyber security technologies, just before Intel acquired his company for $7.8 billion.


A little later, I was a senior advisor for a startup that developed a micro sensor prototype for our smartphones, smart cars, smart homes, any “smart technology…”


In 2006, that company was sold for $126 million.

Today, it’s driving the $7 trillion “internet of things” industry.


Long story short… I know a massive windfall opportunity for ground-floor investors when I see one.

And this life-saving ADC Device combined with the approaching March 31st drop date is the perfect ground-floor situation.


Which is why I’ve been working around the clock to finalize a Money Morning Prospectus on this tiny company – I’m calling it the ADC Prospectus.

I’m releasing it today – and I want to make sure you receive a copy of it.

Now, unlike the traditional prospectuses that are sent out from investment banks…

As publishers, neither myself nor anyone here at Money Morning has a vested interest in this firm.

I am not trying to pitch you to raise funds for this firm.

This is my independent research. It’s completely unbiased.

And when evaluating this situation, it’s important to understand one thing:

This is not a trucking company.

This is a tech company.

And when a tech company introduces a next-generation breakthrough, its share price can explode.

Take Amazon. Today they’re the dominant force in retail.

But this stock truly took off in 2006, after the company released a disruptive technology that made them the dominant force in an entirely different industry… cloud computing.

This is something that given my background I’m very familiar with.

Amazon’s innovation was Amazon Web Services.

Back then, they were a $15.5 billion company that was trading in the mid-twenties a share.

Today, their market cap is over half a trillion dollars…

And their share price has soared 4,294%.


The following year, two other famous tech firms would launch next generation technologies…

Apple unveiled their first iPhone… and the era of the smartphone began.

Like Amazon, Apple was already an enormous company sporting a market cap of about $106 billion.

Today, this company is worth in the neighborhood of $900 billion.

And their stock has shot up 1,016%.


Around the same time Apple released that first iPhone…

Netflix made a game changing announcement of their own.

Those mail in DVD envelopes had already transformed Netflix into a $1.3 billion company.

But then they unveiled their online, on demand movie service.

It was the deathblow to companies like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video.

And since then, Netflix’s value has kept growing and growing, hitting $85 billion – rewarding shareholders to the tune of 4,903%.


Now, consider Nvidia.

In February of 2016, they were already one of the hot names in microchips with a market cap of $16.87 billion.

Then they released the Geforce 940MX processor. It opened the door for new applications in virtual reality, state-of-the-art video games, and, interestingly enough, cryptocurrency mining.

Today, Nvidia is worth $129 billion. And their stock has rocketed up 588%.


I mentioned some of the biggest names in tech for a reason.

I think this tiny firm is about to join their ranks.

Even better…

Thanks to the enforcement date and their ADC Device…

I believe the payday opportunity for this tiny tech firm could be even bigger than what these tech monsters delivered.

I’m confident this company could quickly control a legal monopoly…

First off…

The executive brain trust behind this ADC Device is a veritable dream team.

They come from Ford, General Motors, Sypris Technologies…

Even Aerospace firm Honeywell.


I will give you the full background on them in the ADC Prospectus, but let me just say…

When you put a team with this kind of brainpower in a room, oftentimes they’ll invent a simple solution for a big problem…

And that will open the money floodgates.

That’s what’s in play right now.

You see, while developing their ADC Device, it’s obvious these guys had an eye on that mandate …

They realized that the big groundswell of demand was going to come in the 11th hour…

And they invented a simple solution that gives them an unprecedented advantage in this $2 billion race.

Think about this…

Imagine you are the owner of a large fleet firm…

And the mandate is almost here.

But like most of your buddies, you haven’t bought a single ADC Device for your rigs yet…


Making things even more stressful…

You’ve got drivers operating Freightliner, Volvo, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Mack semi-trucks…

Different model years… different diagnostic systems… different ports…

Do you want to have to figure out which device to get for each of them?

Or would you just rather order the same device for all?

It’s a no brainer decision.

This tiny firm invented an ADC Device that has been certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and can be installed in every type of commercial vehicle.

You take it out of the box, plug it right into your truck’s diagnostic system, and you’re up and running in two minutes.

This is exactly how you build a deep moat around your technology to defend it from competition.

And another way to capture a legal monopoly is to make it extremely easy for your customers to get their hands on your product.

Take another look at this map of the major U.S. trucking routes…

Only this time, let me add something to it.

I’ve marked the location of every Love’s Travel Shop and Country Store.

There are 410 of them spread across 40 states.

This tiny tech firm has rushed out ADC units to each of them.

Truckers can go in right now and purchase theirs.

But that’s not all…

You can get them through Wal-Mart, too.


Geographically speaking…

This firm has successfully commandeered the entire U.S. market.

And that’s just for the initial $2 billion run to fulfill the mandate.

But over the long term, it could be much, much more.

After all, consider the deals made with Daimler, Volvo, PACCAR, and Caterpillar…

Altogether, they are connected to the companies controlling 100% of the U.S. market share for top commercial truck manufacturing.

And that’s how you build a short- and long-term monopoly.

That’s how you create a fortune for ground-floor investors.

The numbers in play are eye-popping.

They’ve only booked less than $49 million in sales…

Yet, they’re primed to control this $2 billion mandate.

That could represent an out-of-the gate 3,982% sales surge.


The equivalent of transforming:

  • $5,000 into $204,100…
  • $10,000 into $408,200, and…
  • $25,000 into $1,020,500.


But that’s just to kick things off…

Because the mandate applies to over 3.6 million vehicles. And enforcement will be in full effect in April.

However, by 2020, an industry study estimates that 35 million commercial trucks in the U.S. will need “smart” tech like this ADC Device.

That’s a nearly 10X increase.

This alone makes this deal too good to pass up.

However, when I’m evaluating any potential investment opportunity, I look for multiple payday scenarios.

With this deal, the U.S. mandate is just the first of three windfall outcomes I have my eyes on.

That’s what truly makes this a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity.

We have a multiplier effect developing for any potential payday.


And again, this is all explained in the ADC Prospectus.

But really quick…

Payday Scenario #1: We already covered this. The U.S. mandate… initially that could create a 3,982% sales surge… then it could jump another 10X after that.

Payday Scenario #2: The United States isn’t the only country mandating the use of ADC technology.

Similar legislation now exists in numerous countries.

And make no mistake… international mandates for a safety technology can create massive windfalls as well.

Case in point…

Open your wallet and I’m willing to bet every one of your credit and debit cards has one of these gold chips in it…

Years before the U.S. mandated use of this cyber safety technology, countries all over the world were rolling out measures of their own…

  • 986 million gold chips ended up in Western Europe…
  • 544 million in Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean…
  • 1.67 billion in the Asia Pacific region…
  • And 116 million in Africa and the Middle East.


The companies that fulfilled the demand for these gold chips made a killing.

Take the tech firm ACS.

They delivered gold chips to countries in the Asia Pacific, rewarding shareholders with 1,450% gains.


Gemalto is another gold chip producer out of Denmark.

They shot up 485% from this rollout.


NXP, capitalized on the Chinese market, producing 809% gains.


And Infineon, distributed gold chips to Japan, Italy, and Austria, making investors 1,200%.


Now let’s jump back to this tiny tech firm and their ADC Device.

They have already established a distribution network in 15 countries.

They’re perfectly positioned in India, China, Brazil, Japan, Russia, and across Europe.


Every new mandate is a multi-billion dollar opportunity for them.

They could achieve global dominance with this technology – that could make you even richer.

Plus, this tech firm still has another ace up their sleeve…

Payday Scenario #3: Their 117-strong patent pipeline.

These guys have developed a nearly unfathomable lineup of smart sensor applications for vehicles.

And this is another Business 101 scenario.

When you control the patents for innovations that other companies must use for their own innovations…

You become the fortunate owner of what’s called a patent pipeline.

And this is a “take it to the bank” sign that profits are about to go on a non-stop thrill ride up.

Take Thermo Fisher Scientific…

  • They controlled 123 patents.
  • A while back that made them the fourth most powerful scientific instruments company.
  • Their patent pipeline delivered 1,196% gains for shareholders.


NetApp Inc. – another perfect example…

  • They controlled 234 patents.
  • Because of this, they became the second most powerful storage company.
  • And their patent pipeline delivered a 2,075% payday.


And finally consider ASML Holding.

  • They controlled 221 patents.
  • And that made them the fifth most powerful semiconductor firm in the world.
  • Their patent pipeline created a 2,531% windfall for investors.


So between the U.S. mandate… the international mandates… and their patent pipeline…

This tiny tech firm and their ADC Device offers ground-floor investors three enormous payday scenarios.

Now, this being a small company – it is a speculative play. It does carry risk.

So in the ADC Prospectus, I’ve included strict buy-up-to prices for you to consider.

And as you’ll see, I’m projecting this opportunity has the potential to transform:

  • $5,000 into $204,100…
  • $10,000 into $408,200, and…
  • $25,000 into $1,020,500.


That’s just what could happen right out of the box.

The long-term potential is off the charts.

And with these types of explosive opportunities, it’s always a smart move to follow the smart money.

When you do, you’ll find some powerful insiders are backing this firm.

Mario Gabelli – he’s the 382nd richest American.

He has acquired a $9.9 million stake in this company.

JP Morgan Chase and Co… $16 million.

Renaissance Technology is the world’s most profitable hedge fund and one of the most successful in history.

They’ve invested $13 million into this company.

And Royce & Associates, Dimensional Fund Advisors, and the Vanguard Group are locking up eight-figure stakes as well.

The writing is on the wall – something big is coming.

And I want to be with you every step of the way.

Today I serve as Money Morning’s Director of Venture Capital and Technology Research.

And here at Money Morning, my team and I have been tasked with identifying the ground-floor innovations and Silicon Valley deals that could generate astronomical levels of new wealth.

And we’ve excelled at our mission. But this ADC Device could be the biggest of them all.

Pharmacyclics: 818%
Ram Energy Resources: 421%
LSI Corporation: 3,588%
Galapagos NV: 934%
NetQin Mobile: 396%
Pandora Media: 417%
Repligen: 417%
Nvidia: 902%
Celldex Therapeutics: 629%
Dexcom: 382%
Dyax: 406%
Westport Innovations: 543%
NetEase: 305%
Horizon Pharma: 337%

In fact, if you were to take the max gains we’ve seen from Pharmacyclics, Galapagos, Nvidia, NetQin Mobile, LSI Corporation, Westport Innovations, or any of the others I’ve shown you… and combine them…

The total payday from this ADC Device opportunity could blow that figure away.

It’s that big.

And you should do whatever it takes to get your piece of it.

You don’t have to commit $5,000 either.

You can lock up a big stake in this company for $500.

And from the March 31st enforcement date alone that could initially jump to $20,410.

However, when the demand for these devices soars another 10X between now and 2020, as I fully expect… that $500 stake could exponentially grow in value to $204,100.


And if you want in, I suggest you act now.


Because today, I can only release 500 copies of my ADC Prospectus. The company is simply too small for me to share this opportunity with a large group.

So I’m distributing copies on a first come, first served basis.

You can secure one by accepting a membership to an investment research service I’ve launched called Radical Technology Profits.

This is an elite initiative. It’s made for people who are looking to achieve venture capital-like returns from their investments.

Here’s what I mean by that…

A lot has been made about Wall Street’s bull-run, which has been raging for nine straight years since we emerged from the recession.

And it’s even more impressive when you take a longer view.

If you would’ve invested a single, $100 bill in the S&P 500 at the beginning of 1976…

At the beginning of 2017… you would’ve seen compound returns of 3,596%.


So your $100 stake would’ve grown into $3,696.

Not bad. But it’s nothing compared to what one of the top venture capital firms in the world delivered.

They made over 15.3 million percent during that time.

So that same $100 bill could’ve transformed into $15,300,324.


With Radical Technology Profits, I’ve developed a way to deliver venture capital-like opportunities for everyday folks.

I’m opening up my rolodex from decades spent in the heart of Silicon Valley and giving members up close access to my network and the most coveted deals.

Drones, miracle materials like graphene, 3D bio-printing – I’ve targeted ground-floor opportunities in all of these areas…

C-18 BR-06cont

As a member of Radical Technology Profits, every month you will receive three Deal Dossiers from me.

Each will provide you with a streamlined analysis of the company, its executive team, proprietary technologies, revenue projections, and sources of venture capital funding.

For example, in one of my most popular Deal Dossiers, I shared an opportunity to secure a direct “partnership slot” in a Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

I had been meeting with the founder of this firm and I extensively vetted this deal.

This guy is a legendary billionaire, venture capitalist. He was the driving force behind some of the biggest IPOs of the decade including LifeLock, FireEye, and Twitter.

Through this arrangement, folks could acquire ownership stakes under special terms in 30 of the hottest, privately held pre-IPO companies in America…

I’m talking about companies like Lyft, Spotify, DocuSign, Hightail, Tintri, and Cloudera.

This deal has the potential to pay off in huge multiples, 200-fold or better.

I gave subscribers simple, step-by-step instructions for executing a “partnership buy-in.” The company even provided an exclusive phone line just for them.

Since introducing this opportunity, one of the holdings has IPO’d for $1.1 billion and another has been bought for $425 million in cash.

Sometimes my Deal Dossiers will even target controversial investments.

Take what happened in 2016.

I made an announcement that caused the heads of some folks out here in Silicon Valley to explode.

I declared that every American needs to go “all in on marijuana.”

I didn’t care that it was illegal on a federal level. I didn’t care that a lot of people saw it as taboo. None of that mattered.

This was about making money. Plain and simple.

And I had recently met with one of the most influential “behind the scenes” power brokers in the marijuana business.

He confirmed what I was hearing from my sources – the venture capital money was going to come roaring into this industry.

And I wanted to make sure the folks following me had a shot at beating those Venture Capital big shots to the punch.

So that September, I released all my research on 30 pot stocks to some of my subscribers.

In the months that followed, every single one of them hit peak positive gains.

In fact, 17 soared into triple digits.

Mentor Capital shot up as much as 1,828% in less than six months.


InMed Pharmaceuticals… 617% in about four months.


General Cannabis Corp… 642% in a month and a half.


Cannagrow… 456% in the same amount of time.


“I’m up $17,000 in 11 days!”

Chuck Ardeen

$20,000 after three weeks!”

Kristin Benjamin

I was thrilled to see letters coming in from folks who followed my recommendations.

“In under a month, I made $44,958. I’m going to be a marijuana millionaire!”

Rick Hoshkins

Because they had the guts to take a chance on a “controversial investment.”

This is what’s possible when you team up with a prolific Venture Capitalist like me, who has all the right connections.

These Deal Dossiers are very exciting – you’re going to love them.

This is the most valuable intelligence in Silicon Valley – the next Uber, Facebook, or Space X could be in them.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I want you to feel like you’re at the head of the table of your very own venture capital firm.


So I’m going to regularly send you Virtual Pitch Meetings.

I’m going to get on camera – and go through these deals with you – I want you to see them through my eyes.

It’ll be like I’m the founder of a startup, pitching you on why this company could be the next Unicorn – that’s a term for the next company to go from a zero to a billion dollar plus valuation.

Plus, from time to time I’ll be using these Virtual Pitch Meetings to reveal some truly unconventional investment opportunities.

Jump back to June of 2013.

That’s when I filmed a video where I recommended my readers strike fast and get into Bitcoin.

Back then nobody on Main Street was talking about this cryptocurrency.

However, the week prior, I had met with the CEOs, founders and venture capitalists in California…

They were developing the currency exchanges and investment funds that would push Bitcoin into the headlines.

Bitcoin was trading for $90 then.

Bitcoin Skyrocketed 1,192% Over the Five Months That Followed.


But that was just a taste of things to come.

Since I filmed that video, Bitcoin has jumped as much as 10,437%.


That’s the equivalent of turning a $500 bet on this cryptocurrency into a $52,685 windfall.


And the stories I was hearing were truly inspiring.

People from across the country were making tens of thousands of dollars…

“My stake is now worth about $20,000.”

Simon L.

Others pocketed incredible six-figure paydays.

Some were even banking millions.

“I spent $1,000 to buy bitcoin. They were recently worth $1.2 million.”

Aaron G.

And now the story is playing out again with Ethereum. Fortunately, a while back I recommended members get in on the ground-floor of this cryptocurrency as well.

As these deals evolve we’re going to be in constant communication.


Every week I will send you Progress Reports.

And I’m going to ask that you “check-in” regularly.

If you want, you’ll be able to send me status updates on how these deals are performing for you.

Now, let’s talk about what happens when it’s time to collect any profits.

When that moment arrives, you’ll receive an instant Cash-In Alert, along with my analysis.

I’ll send it via email.


However, I strongly suggest you take advantage of another member benefit:

Cell phone text message notifications.

Every time I issue a new Deal Dossier, Virtual Pitch Meeting, or Cash-In Alert, I’ll be more than happy to send you a quick text message to let you know.

This will ensure you get this information as fast as possible.

For instance, with Micron Technologies, folks following my research had the opportunity to get in and out of that deal in a day.

“I purchased Micron while boarding a cruise. I sold the next day while cruising for a 136% gain. It paid for my vacation.”

Dr. Marshall Grisafi

I actually received a letter from a doctor who told me he bought Micron while boarding a cruise and cashed out the next day for a 136% gain.

He paid for his entire vacation with the profits.

I’ve got too many stories like that to count.

And I’m really proud of that.

Here’s something else that’s going to grab your attention.

You’re going to have the chance to back the next Elon Musk… the next Bill Gates… and the next Mark Zuckerberg…

If you invest in their companies, you will effectively become their partners. And I think you should get to know your partners.


So I’m going to regularly interview the CEOs of the companies I’m recommending.

And I will share this footage with you.

Then every month I will hold a members-only, Online Roundtable.

I’m going to brief you on all new developments.

And I’ll reveal the ones that could be coming down the pipeline.

So as you can see, Radical Technology Profits is a serious initiative.


It’s very hands on.

And for those who take it seriously, the rewards can be enormous.

I’m up $39,593! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Theresa Bolton

“I have already cashed in on $27,854 in profits and I’ve got another $7,870 coming!”

Ben Andreas

Folks following my research have been given the chance to quickly make tens of thousands of dollars…

“I’m $17,000 richer in about 3.5 weeks!”

Carol Ramirez

Sometimes in a matter of weeks!

“Michael, you have doubled my money!

Alvin Canone

Others have doubled their money.

“I became a member about a year ago. Since joining you have helped triple my net worth.”

Bob Kreen, St. Louis, MO

And even better – some have multiplied their entire net worth a few times over during their first year!

With results like these I’m not going to tell you it’s cheap to join Radical Technology Profits.

It’s not.

In fact, the retail subscription price is $4,000 a year.

But consider this…

Since launching Radical Technology Profits I’ve delivered total winning gains of 10,309%…

And that 10,309% even includes both my current recommendations and the partial close-outs!

So if you were to simply pay full price it would still be an absolute bargain.

Especially since you will immediately receive a copy of the ADC Prospectus.

That will reveal how you can lock up a ground-floor stake in this tiny tech firm before the March 31st enforcement date…

And before they experience what could initially be a 3,982% sales surge.

I’m only making 500 copies of my prospectus available today.

And I don’t anticipate them lasting for more than a few hours… much less until tomorrow.

That’s because I’m going to make you a deal that is too good to pass up.

Below this video there is a link to a brief subscription form.

Click it and you will discover that I’m going to authorize an enormous discount to the membership rate.

You will save thousands upon thousands of dollars. Your rate will be a small fraction of what others have paid.

And I’m going to back everything up with a one-year performance guarantee.

You have to see this to believe it.

So click the button below.


And I’ll rush you a copy of the ADC Prospectus.

In it you’ll discover how a ground-floor stake in this tiny tech firm could quickly transform every…

  • $5,000 into $204,100…
  • $10,000 into $408,200, and…
  • $25,000 into $1,020,500.

And if, as expected, demand for this device explodes another 10-fold from there…

Well, your windfall could rise another 10-fold from that already stunning amount as well.

So let’s not waste another moment.

I look forward to us working together.

I’m Michael Robinson.

Have a great day.

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