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Picture a thimble… just big enough to cover the tip of your finger.

If you filled that thimble with platinum, you could sell it for more than $900.

If you filled it with gold, it would now be worth over $1,100.

And that same thimble filled with diamonds would sell for north of $11,500.

For a thimble full of anything, that’s a lot of money.

But it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what I’m going to show you today.

Inside the thimble on your screen now, you’ll find one of the most rare materials on the planet.

Its scientific name is Ecteinascidin. Based on Ecteinascidin’s active molecules registry number I’ll just abbreviate it to ET-73. It can be found in trace amounts off the coasts of Florida and several Caribbean islands.


But its scarcity isn’t why an amount that barely fills a thimble is currently selling for $58.9 million.

This is…

A Harvard report has revealed that ET-73 is…

Hundreds to thousands of times more powerful than any cancer treatment now in use.”

Consider Soft Tissue Sarcoma.

It is a form of cancer that strikes as many as 370,000 people every year.

When it reaches an advanced stage, when the tumors can no longer be treated with the standard drugs or surgeries, the mortality rate is 100%.

In other words, nobody survives it.

Faced with these seemingly impossible odds, doctors have no other choice but to turn to “last resort drugs.”

As the name suggests, last resort drugs are used when all other treatments have failed.

And they can carry dangerous side effects, including hair loss, diarrhea, chest pain, and nerve damage.

They are so powerful that the drugs themselves can even kill the patient.

But without them, the odds of survival are zero. So it’s a gamble doctors and patients have to take.

Last resort drugs are the last chance for hope. They are the last chance for a miracle.

Dacarbazine is one of these last resort drugs for advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma.

In 2015, it was tested in a small clinical study, and the results were made public in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

After one year, Dacarbazine allowed just one person to survive with no tumor growth.

So that one patient was given a second chance at life. But it’s not the miracle we need.

ET-73, though, may just be.

In a few moments, you’ll see how, in that same study, ET-73 gave 10 people a second chance at life.

Dr. George Demetri is a director at Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Center.

He’s also the lead author of this study.

Dr. Demetri has declared that ET-73 is giving new hope to people who have limited alternatives – people who need a miracle.

And a panel of 17 oncologists from Harvard, Penn, the University of Michigan, and Stanford have analyzed the results of this study.

They’ve officially concluded that ET-73 shuts down drug-resistant sarcoma with “no cumulative toxicities.”

That means it’s safe.

It works without causing hair loss, diarrhea, or nerve damage.

Which is why for many patients…

Folks who have endured months of painful chemotherapy only to be told, “There’s nothing more we can do…”

ET-73 is nothing short of a godsend.

And it has the potential to deliver a miracle to more people than – until recently – anyone thought was possible.

Let me put that into perspective.

This is a gallon and a half of the last resort drug Dacarbazine.

What’s pictured here is enough to treat about 2,028 people who are suffering from Soft Tissue Sarcoma.

Now let’s compare that with the same amount of ET-73.

Nobel Prize-winning biochemist, Dr. E.J. Corey, estimates:

This Gallon and a Half of ET-73 Could Treat Every Patient in the World for an Entire Year.

That’s as many as 370,000 people who are seeking a way to conquer this dangerous form of cancer.

In Europe, ET-73 has already been granted approval under the “exceptional circumstance” clause for use when “other cancer medicines have stopped working.”

However, this is just the beginning.

As the results of study after study come in, the hope is that ET-73 will be an effective treatment – not just for people who are suffering from advanced stages of Soft Tissue Sarcoma – people who are faced with no other choice but to turn to last resort drugs…

The hope is that this medical miracle could soon be used to safely treat those who suffer from numerous forms of cancer, in all stages.

Last year, sales of ET-73 reached $110 million – so not even enough to fill two thimbles.

But the story moving forward is completely different.

In late 2015, ET-73 was approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

Shortly after that, the FDA approved it for use in the United States.

And today, doctors at Dana Farber, MD Anderson, the Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General, and leading cancer facilities around the world have rushed to implement this treatment in their groundbreaking studies.

It's been approved in Canada, Chile, Russia, Israel… a total of 78 countries around the world.

Because of this…

Worldwide Sales of Drugs Derived From ET-73 Are Projected to Aggressively Rise as High as $1.9 Billion By 2020.

And One Tiny Company Has a Monopoly on It.

Michael Robinson

My name is Michael Robinson. I’m the Director of Technology and Venture Capital Research here at Money Morning and the founder of the private research service, Radical Technology Profits.

Over my 35-year career, I’ve been a board member for one Silicon Valley venture capital firm and a senior advisor to 12 high-tech startups.

I specialize in identifying early-stage funding opportunities.

In 1985, I was granted advanced access to sensitive military projects tied to President Reagan’s Strategic Defensive Initiative.

In the late 1990s, I met with a group of technology leaders just a few miles north of Silicon Valley, and we mapped out what would become the $160 billion “cloud computing” industry.

After the millennium, I worked with Dave DeWalt, the former CEO of McAfee, on cyber security technologies, just before Intel acquired that company for $7.8 billion.

And I was personally involved with a company developing a prototype of a technology called MEMS, or “microelectromechanical systems.”

These tiny sensors are able to detect the precursors for cancer and heart disease, decades before they threaten your body.

In 2006, the company, along with their technology, was sold for $126 million.

And today, it’s at the forefront of what is about to be a $255 billion medical industry.

Now, while deals like these have been very lucrative…

Never in My Career Have I Come Across a Venture Like the One I’m About to Share With You.

Before I begin, let me warn you… there is a catch.

The company that holds a monopoly on ET-73 is not listed on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ. 

And you won’t find it on any of the OTC markets.

Fortunately, I’ve met privately with the managing director of this company.

In fact, you’ll hear from him multiple times throughout this presentation.

Together we’re going to show you how ET-73 was discovered and we’re going to walk you through the medical studies and clinical trials.

But here’s the most important point we’re going to cover.

This small company is preparing to go public on the NASDAQ as we speak. That means their IPO could happen any time now, literally within weeks.

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But you’ll have to act fast.

Because with its recent approvals, the firm holding a monopoly over ET-73 is on the verge of transforming from a small cancer research company into an international biotech leader. 

It Could Deliver a 2,537% Return to Investors Who Get in Now.

That’s the equivalent of turning a $5,000 stake into $126,872.

And because of this firm’s unique situation, our government also offers an equally unique incentive.

A special tax credit with the potential to put thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars back into your pocket on top of an already historic windfall.

All courtesy of Uncle Sam. All because everybody wants this company to succeed.

And as you’ll see, making an investment can be as simple as picking up the phone.

We’ve arranged for an exclusive line with a major bank so you won’t have to jump through any hoops if you’re interested in this opportunity.

At the end of this short presentation, I’ll reveal how you can be one of 400 people today who will receive our time-sensitive “ET-73 Prospectus” on this rare opportunity.

So let’s get into the details.

In 1978, a chemical biologist – and one of the founding board members of the company I’m about to introduce you to – was scuba diving in the Caribbean when he spotted a colony of small orange animals.

They’re called Ecteinascidia turbinata.

Fully grown, they’re only about 2 centimeters long and weigh less than 15 grams.

This biologist captured a few to analyze when he got back to his lab.

Everything about them was ordinary… except for one microscopic element produced in their blood.

It would take more than a decade, but in 1990, he managed to isolate the anomaly.

He Named It ET-73.

And It May Be the Most Important Medical
Discovery of the Past 100 Years.

The anti-cancer potential was astonishing. In petri dish tests – and later in animals – advanced stage tumors would simply melt away.

But at the time, there was nothing he could do with it.

Each individual ET-73 molecule is smaller than a single strand of DNA.

And each animal only has trace amounts in its body.

Harvesting Enough ET-73 to Fill a Thimble Requires More than 31 Tons of Ecteinascidia turbinata.

If doctors needed to rely on a natural source, there simply weren’t enough of these animals to make it a commercially viable product.

So for years, scientists around the world tried to synthesize ET-73. In other words, to replicate it from scratch.

But even Dr. E.J. Corey, who won the Nobel Prize for organic synthesis, failed to find a practical process. In fact, he called ET-73 “the most complicated molecule ever made.”

Then there was a breakthrough. It didn’t come from a university or government organization.

It came from this small company.

I’ll let the Managing Director explain it himself.

Managing Director

This was a success. It’s a very efficient process. The productions start [with] the fermentation. After the fermentation process is 18 synthesis steps to arrive at the active ingredient. It's a semi-synthetics process [inspired by] nature. Today it's a regular process, and it's validated by the FDA.

The process of semi-synthesis he’s describing is incredibly complex, but here’s what it boils down to.

This company discovered a way to take tiny amounts of the organic molecule, add a synthetic component in the lab, and have the molecule replicate itself thousands and thousands of times.

That means they don’t need to rely on harvesting large supplies of this animal in nature.

And that’s important not just because production can now be scaled to meet global demand…

But also because you can’t patent a natural element… but you can patent a semi-synthetic one.

Which is exactly what they did, essentially…

Granting Them a Worldwide Monopoly on ET-73.

Here’s why this is such a big deal.

Every cell in your body is controlled by a set of instructions – a long strand of genetic material called DNA.

But occasionally, part of the DNA in a particular cell will get damaged.

This damage can be caused by carcinogens like cigarette smoke, UV rays, radiation…

Or by the normal aging process.

If the DNA is too severely damaged, it causes the cell to start replicating uncontrollably. In other words, it becomes cancerous.

Now, up until today, cancer treatments have been relatively primitive.

Chemotherapy is, at its core, an advanced form of poison.

It works by poisoning cancerous cells. Unfortunately, it also poisons healthy cells.

The hope is that it poisons all the cancerous cells before too many healthy ones die.

Radiation therapy attempts to burn cancer cells to death.

Unfortunately, it also burns the healthy cells around the tumor.

ET-73 is completely different.

Here’s how it works.

Doctors administer ET-73 through an IV infusion.

A full dose is only 2.5 milligrams.

In powder form, that’s barely enough to cover George Washington’s right eye on this $1 bill.

Instead of poisoning or burning all of the cells it comes in contact with, ET-73 is much more targeted.

It identifies which specific cells are cancerous.

Because each ET-73 molecule is smaller than a strand of DNA, it can easily enter these cells.

Once inside those cancerous cells. ET-73 binds to their DNA, cutting off their life support.

There is no dangerous poisoning or burning of healthy cells.

The cancerous cells – and only the cancerous cells – die.

Now, like most early-stage cancer drugs, the first people who received ET-73 were those that had almost no other options.

Folks with a type of cancer that can’t be cured by standard treatments.

People whose only hope for a miracle is a last resort drug.

As I mentioned earlier, Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma creates these desperate situations.

By the time it spreads through the body, this disease kills eight out of 10 victims.

If the tumor becomes drug resistant and reaches stage IV, it’s almost always fatal.

Up until today, these sarcoma patients were told that the best they could hope for was that current “last resort” treatments – like Dacarbazine – would extend their lives by a few months on average.

Which is why it was the first form of cancer targeted by the lab that developed ET-73.

In a small clinical trial, a team of oncologists from Harvard, Penn, the University of Michigan, and Stanford pitted ET-73 against Dacarbazine.

And the results were incredible.

At the 12-month mark, only one patient using Dacarbazine had survived without any tumor growth.

However, in the group using ET-73 – 10 people were able to celebrate this one-year milestone.

Think about the implications.

As far as the medical establishment was concerned, once a patient’s Soft Tissue Sarcoma became resistant to drugs or surgery, that person was a lost cause.

Now with ET-73, they’re not looking to get a few extra months… they’re looking, potentially, at a cure.

And that’s why just a few months ago, both the FDA and Japanese Ministry of Health approved this treatment as a last line of defense against Soft Tissue Sarcoma.

I’ll let their Director explain what this means for the company.

Managing Director

Today it's approved in Soft Tissue Sarcoma. 50% of these patients are metastatic disease. 90% of these patients relapse. And this is the second drug approved in the last 20 years. In fact, this week, the drug is in the American Hospitals. It's launched. This is a very key milestone for us.

So 2016 will be the first year for full sales in the United States. Is that correct?

Michael Robinson


How much do you expect sales to increase for the company in 2016 as a result of US sales?

In Europe, gross sales is very close to 100 million euro [110 million dollars]. Europe is 33% of the oncology market. USA is 48% of the oncology market. We expect 1.5 to 2x more sales in USA. And 40% growth in Europe. We will be prudent, but these are the guidelines we have in the other cancer drugs in the past.

Let me break these numbers down.

Based on the current projections, that’s up to:

  • $220 million from US sales.
  • $154 million in Europe.
  • And $143 million in Japan.

That's $517 Million of New Sales in 2016 from Soft Tissue Sarcoma Alone.

And it’s only the first form of cancer it’s approved to treat.

The second is coming right behind it.

Because just like Soft Tissue Sarcoma, the current options for Ovarian Cancer offer very little hope.

Right now it’s the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths among women. Only about half of those diagnosed will live more than five years.

And if the tumor is drug resistant, it’s almost always fatal.

But again, the clinical tests are showing that ET-73 offering hope to women who would otherwise be told to simply put their affairs in order.

The company just conducted a Phase III trial with 672 drug-resistant Ovarian Cancer patients.

Half got the standard “last resort” treatment. And half had it combined with ET-73.

The results were dramatic.

In the ET-73 Group, 71% More Women Went into Complete Remission. Every trace of Ovarian Cancer Was Wiped Out of Their Bodies.

To be clear – that’s complete remission with a form of cancer that’s nearly always fatal.

Now, this study is too recent to know even the five-year survival numbers.

But if it’s this effective against “incurable” cancers… imagine what will happen when ET-73 is adopted as the standard Ovarian Cancer treatment worldwide.

It could save 107,920 lives every year.

The company is putting the final details on their FDA study to bring that a step closer to reality.

But the fact is, ET-73 is already approved for Ovarian Cancer in Europe. And with these latest results, FDA approval seems likely.

Again, because of the life-saving power, the revenue potential is enormous.

According to an independent research firm, this treatment could add $150 million in yearly sales…

Potentially Bringing Their Total to $667 Million.

That’s up from just $110 million last year.

This kind of revenue growth is nothing new when it comes to breakthrough cancer drugs.

Rituxan is used to treat Lymphoma. It generated $152.1 million in revenue during its first full year on the market. Over the next five years, that figure grew 794%.

Another cancer drug, Herceptin, is used to treat Breast Cancer. It generated $183.7 million in its first year on the market. Within seven years, sales were up 572%.

When both of these drugs were launched, they were approved for just one type of deadly cancer.

But quickly after, they gained approval for more cancers at earlier stages, and their revenues surged.

This is predictable. It happens over and over.

If a company has developed a drug that the FDA has already approved for treating one type of cancer, there is a 91% likelihood the FDA will approve future applications for additional forms of cancer.

That’s over 9 out of every 10 times.

This small lab’s ET-73 treatment is already approved for Soft Tissue Sarcoma.

Ovarian Cancer is coming right on its heels.

And these are only the first two cancer’s ET-73 is approved to treat.

ET-73 has also been tested against Breast Cancer, Mesothelioma, Prostate Cancer, and Pancreatic Cancer.

Right now there are 31 clinical trials taking place around the world.

Results are still coming in…

And this company’s latest development may be their most exciting.

You see, they’re always testing new ways to improve their original discovery.

By taking the molecule and tweaking the synthesis process, they were able to “optimize ET-73’s pharmacokinetic profile."

In plain English:

This Small Lab Has Made ET-73 Even More Powerful.

And this change is critical, not only to the company’s future, but to all of us.

Because now this “upgraded ET-73” is able to treat the deadliest cancer in the world. Lung Cancer.

Here’s how the company’s Director describes it.

This is our star. It is the most important drug in our pipeline. It's better than we expected. One of the most important trials in our company's history is in Small Cell Lung Cancer. Small Cell Lung Cancer is about 15% of all of the Lung Cancers. It is a large indication – the average for survival is about seven to eight months – but in Small Cell Lung Cancer there is nothing approved in the last 20 years. In May we presented the preliminary data for the first 23 patients we treated in Small Cell Lung Cancer. We showed the [response] rate was 70%.

I’m sorry, 70% response rate?

Yes, total response and partial response. This is incredibly good and they plan to move for a pivotal trial.

Very quickly, let me explain exactly how incredible that is.

For decades, Lung Cancer has been one of the hardest to survive.

Every year, 1.8 million people are diagnosed. Over 1.5 million die.

Until recently, the most effective “last resort” treatment for Small Cell Lung Cancer, was Topotecan. It had an objective response rate of 20%-25%.

That means in a best-case scenario, only about 2 out of every 10 patients treated with it will see any improvement whatsoever.

So people with this cancer desperately needed a better option. They needed a miracle.

And that’s exactly what ET-73 is providing.

With this company’s upgraded ET-73 – in early tests, 71% of patients saw their condition improve.

That’s 7 out of every 10 people.

Now, this clinical is so new – the company has only had time to post its preliminary findings.

The official results aren’t even published yet.

But already, several of the initial patients to receive this upgraded ET-73 have gone into complete remission.

Their cancer has been eradicated.

That is a miracle.

In fact, the results of this first trial were so extraordinary that the company plans to move the drug to a pivotal trial… in other words a trial for FDA approval.

And it’s just the beginning.

In medical terms, each type of cancer is called an indication. So as you’ve seen, this company has shown they can treat three extremely deadly indications. Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Ovarian Cancer, and Lung Cancer…

But there’s more.

Endometrial Cancer is about twice as common as Ovarian Cancer. And this upgraded ET-73 is showing remarkable promise here, too.

In Endometrial Cancer, the physician uses drugs but there is nothing formally approved. They are today ongoing one exploratory trial in order to confirm the activity and this could be the fourth indication potential.

What he’s saying is that, currently, there is no last resort drug on the market, whatsoever, for treating advanced stage Endometrial Cancer.

The doctors are essentially making up treatments on their own and hoping they work.

They need a miracle… and this lab’s upgraded ET-73 could be it.

It’s in the earliest stages of trials right now.

And believe it or not, there’s something even bigger on the horizon.

New hope for women with the second most common type of cancer in the world

The other indication is in Breast Cancer. We are waiting for only one patient to complete the Phase II trial. Probably we will move to Phase III. It has very, very good activity – a response rate of more than 40%.

Now early stage Breast Cancer is almost always curable. Even in Stage II or III, the odds are in the patient’s favor.

However, if it gets to Stage IV, those odds drop off dramatically. Only 2 in 10 women survive.

It’s in these cases that this upgraded ET-73 is being tested. And as you heard, it’s now offering hope to 4 out of 10.

Again, this is too early to say anything definitively…

The latest trial isn’t even complete.

But for all of these indications – for all these people who are fighting one of the most difficult diseases known to man…

This company is bringing hope.

A better chance to overcome insurmountable odds.

And that’s why this small lab is set to transform into an international biotech leader.

According to independent research, the potential revenue from this upgraded ET-73’s Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Reproductive Cancer treatments is projected to generate an additional $1.9 billion in revenue.

That means if all these treatments are approved…

This Firm’s Revenue Could Leap from $110 Million to $1.9 Billion.

This is as close to a “ground floor opportunity” in the next biotech giant as you’ll ever find.

I believe it could deliver you a fast 2,537% return on your money.

That’s the equivalent of transforming a small $2,450 investment into a $64,617 windfall.

Of course, I can’t guarantee these kinds of exceptional gains… nobody can.

But, as I mentioned at the beginning of this presentation, this is the kind of “venture capital” opportunity I’ve targeted my whole career…

As I mentioned at the beginning of this presentation, this is the kind of “venture capital” opportunity I’ve targeted my whole career…

Companies that have early-stage and pre-IPO-like growth potential.

But in this case, there is one major difference.

The deals I’ve negotiated in the past were specifically for Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

What’s in play with this opportunity is totally unique…

You see, even though this biotech firm is not publicly listed on any major U.S. exchange, and it’s not an OTC stock…

It is in the process of going public on the NASDAQ.

And I have developed a package that reveals a unique way for you to become what’s called a “round lot” investor in this company before its NASDAQ IPO.

Here’s how you can understand what a round lot investor is.

Ownership in every company, both public and private, is separated into pieces.

These can be held by one person or many people.

A round lot investor is someone who buys a block of 100 pieces of a company.

In the opportunity I’m presenting to you today, you can secure each round lot for $245.

Now, you can buy one, two, three… whatever number you’re comfortable with.

You can even buy partial round lots.

However, I’m going to recommend that those who can buy 10 round lots of this company – do so immediately.

Which is why I’ve put together a very special package.

Today, I’m Going to Be Releasing 400 Copies of my “ET-73 Prospectus” That Covers Everything You Need to Know About This Opportunity.

In a moment, you’ll have a chance to reserve yours.

I’m going to send it to you when you accept a risk-free invitation to join a unique investment research service I’ve founded called Radical Technology Profits.

My goal with Radical Technology Profits is to provide you with the research and specific investment recommendations that will get you in on the ground floor of explosive opportunities in biotech, military defense, supercomputing, 3D bioprinting…

Any cutting edge breakthrough that is receiving a flood of venture capital funding – and is on the verge of making investors very wealthy.

And this could be the biggest breakthrough I’ve ever been able to present.

But there’s not much time to act. As you’re about to hear, the clock is ticking.

The strategy now is to move to the NASDAQ. If the condition of the market is normal, we will move in the second half 2016.

Since we are already in the second half of 2016, that means the NASDAQ IPO could go through – literally – at any time – even this week. And to get the most out of this investment, you would need to be in well before that happens.


Now, with an opportunity of this nature you will undoubtedly have questions.

The “ET-73 Prospectus” will answer all of them for you.

But I do want to take some time to focus on four of them here so you can decide if this is right for you.

Question #1: Are There Any Special Requirements Necessary to Take Part?

The simple answer is no.

A common requirement in certain unconventional investments is that you need to be an accredited investor.

If you’re not familiar with the term, accredited investors need total income of $200,000 per year, or a net worth of $1 million excluding the value of their home.

But to be clear, the opportunity I detail in this ET-73 Prospectus is not a private company restricted by the SEC.

You DO NOT – I repeat – DO NOT – have to be an accredited investor.

Now, at the time of this recording you could secure a single round lot for $245…

That means you could purchase 10 round lots for $2,450.

Or you could even buy partial lots.

Everything is explained in the Prospectus.

You’ll be provided with a phone number you can call to place your order through a large bank that has agreed to handle the transaction for anyone who is interested.

It’s very simple, and it doesn’t take much time at all.

However, there’s no obligation to use them, and you’ll be provided with detailed instructions concerning other avenues you can take to invest.

For clarity, neither I nor anyone at my company is receiving any compensation from this bank – in any way.

In fact, it’s our policy that no one at Money Morning has any financial interest in any investment we recommend.

Now, although there are no requirements to take part in this opportunity, there are a few steps to follow before receiving the ET-73 Prospectus itself.

For instance, you’ll be receiving this package in your email inbox right away.

So, before I can send it to you, you’ll be required to digitally sign a nondisclosure form.

This simply states you agree not to share this information with anyone.

Now before you decide whether you want to receive the ET-73 Prospectus you will need an answer to…

Question #2: How Much Risk Is Involved With This Venture?

Unlike brokerage firms or investment banks – as publishers, we are not trying to pitch you to raise funds for this lab.

And the “ET-73 Prospectus” is our research, not theirs.

This allows us to stay completely unbiased.

As you’re aware there is no such thing as a risk-free investment, and this is no different.

So there are a few specific risk factors I want to address.

For instance, as the director explained, they expect the NASDAQ IPO to go through any time now. It could happen in the next few weeks.

But no date is necessarily set in stone.

We need to take care about what is the optimal window for the NASDAQ. We will prepare all the plans, we will meet with all the people. But we don’t want to penalize the shareholders.

If the conditions are not good we will wait out the first quarter of 2017. This is not a problem.

As you just heard, at least in the company’s opinion, it’s not a matter of “if” they launch on the NASDAQ…

But “when will be best for investors.”

There’s a chance that market conditions may delay their listing until early next year.

And even in the unlikely case that the listing is delayed beyond the first quarter of next year, you will still retain your ownership stakes in the company.

Remember, there are only two companies already on the NASDAQ that share this firm’s unique structure.

It’s the reason you can get in before this listing.

But it also means that you’ll never be stuck in the investment.

With the build up to the NASDAQ listing, and as clinical trial results are announced, there’s a good chance that the value of your round lots will increase dramatically.  

The "ET-73 Prospectus" will show you an online tool that allows you to see the value of your round lots at any time.

And it includes instructions on how to sell as much – or as little – of your holding as you want – at any time before shares begin trading on the NASDAQ.

Okay, so let’s assume this listing goes ahead as planned. That carries its own risk too.

Mainly that the stock could be volatile at first.

This happens with almost every IPO, but biotech firms are especially vulnerable early on.

Here’s what I mean.

Right now, this company has more than 30 active clinical trials that are ongoing.

We know the FDA approves applications for new uses for an existing drug 91% of the time.

But that means there’s a 9% chance that one of these drugs won’t receive approval.

Even with those great odds, because of how the markets work, even this one denial meansthe stock could pull back 10-20% in the short term.

This is why I’ll always tell you, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

However, that’s just a blip on the radar.

Remember, ET-73 has just been approved around the world to treat soft tissue sarcoma.

That alone is projected to drive the company’s revenues from $110 million to $517 million.

It’s also been approved for Ovarian Cancer in Europe, and with approval by the FDA, that revenue figure could jump as high as $667 million.

So even if the company gets no other FDA approvals, they’re still looking at 506% revenue growth.

Plus, consider this…

Nine clinical trials with their drug have reached Phase III – the stage needed for FDA approval.

These include major indications like:

Small Cell Lung Cancer…

Ovarian Cancer…

And soon Breast Cancer.

So the likelihood of more drugs being approved – and hundreds of millions or even billions of additional revenue flowing into the company – is practically 100%.

Which leads perfectly to…

Question #3: How Much Money Can I Expect to Make?

I explain this in full detail in the prospectus you'll receive… but this depends on how you want to approach the opportunity.

Each round lot you purchase today will cost about $245.

Of course, you could make a smaller investment than a round lot. Or you can buy as many round lots as are available at that moment. It’s completely up to you.

Now, if you’re looking for a quick profit, you could buy today and sell right after the NASDAQ listing.

This is a very transformational time for the company. We expect in this movement, in the volume of the company, in the critical mass of the company, probably we will multiply by two.

In other words, opening up the U.S. market and the NASDAQ listing – that alone could double your money.

So if you bought 10 round lots for a cost of $2,450, you could potentially sell them for $4,900 right after the NASDAQ listing.

But I’m going to be strongly recommending you hold this longer than that…

To summarize the future of the company, our intention is to have five or six [cancer] indications, to sell vitally in Europe and in USA, and license for the rest of the world.

Now, so far in this presentation I’ve covered five of the cancer treatments the company is projected to have on the market by 2020.

And as you can see, these could cause total revenue to surge from $110 million – to $1.9 billion.

But ET-73 Isn’t This Company’s Only Miracle Cancer Drug from the Sea.

In fact, it’s just the first of many.

I’ll let the company’s Managing Director give you the full picture, because this is really exciting.

80% of the biodiversity is in the sea. The National Cancer Institute says the probability to have new [anti-cancer] compounds in the sea is four times higher than on the land.

Every year we conduct eight expeditions around the world. And every year we incorporate within 8,000 to 12,000 new samples. We start all the R&D process from these samples. We have the largest library of marine organisms in the world.

Modern medicine has been fighting a losing battle against cancer for more than 60 years… hundreds of millions of lives have been lost.

Families have been torn apart…

And all along, the cure may have been just a few feet below sea level just off our coast.

According to the National Cancer Institute, 1 out of every 25 marine species that have been tested naturally creates some form of an anti-cancer compound in their bodies.

This small lab has already collected samples from 165,000 unique marine animals.

Think about how many potential cancer treatments they now have in their control – just waiting to be tapped into.

And this is already starting to pay off.

One of the samples they collected is from a small jelly-like animal called the Aplidium albican. It’s found just off the coast of several Mediterranean islands.

In its blood is an incredible substance called dehydrodidemnin B or DDB.

DDB is a powerful new weapon against a rare blood cancer – Multiple Myeloma.

This disease develops very quickly and right now there is no cure.

Doctors are looking for a miracle.

And this lab’s DDB could be that miracle.

It shuts down Multiple Myeloma at the source.

In early tests, Harvard doctors found that even a small infusion of DBB is “capable of irreversibly initiating Multiple Myeloma cell death.”

They’re saying it’s killing the cancer.

And it does this safely. Even from the first animal trials the doctors noted an incredible “lack of major side effects.”

The drug is in a Phase III clinical trial right now.

But the company is so excited about it – in April 2015, they presented preliminary data to the American Association for Cancer Research.

I’ll let the company’s director tell you more.

[DDB] is totally different in mechanism of action. The indication is in Multiple Myeloma. It’s a very safe drug. There are not many secondary effects. We just finalized the recruitment [for] the pivotal trial and our plan is submission [to the FDA] in September/October.

As you heard, they expect to present their results to the FDA in September or October.

That’s the same timeframe the company is set to go public on the NASDAQ which means the company is extremely optimistic about their odds of success.

Multiple Myeloma is a $7.3 billion market.

Which is why DDB is projected to quickly jump to $300 million in yearly sales with FDA approval.

Added to both the original and upgraded ET-73, that puts this small lab’s annual revenue at over $2.208 billion per year.

Now, to understand how revenue growth could translate into a return on your investment, we have to look at this from a venture capital standpoint.

The round lot price of $245 is at a valuation of $524 million for the company.

That’s the valuation you can buy in at today.

Assuming a five-year time horizon on this investment, we take five times earnings which gives the company a valuation of $11.04 billion.

But that’s only if they stop at six drug indications.

Which isn’t going to happen with 165,000 samples in their drug discovery library.

Our library is the source for our clinical drugs and will be a source for other developments. It is not a static library because the screening is not always the same. Now we are focusing on cancer which is our expertise but in the future, I don’t know. Every pilot [is for] different drugs that we can license. Right now we have three companies interested.

How many of the sample library are you looking at for the potential of commercial application?

We have more than 100 pilots.

By pilot, he means the initial exploratory trial for a new drug.

In other words, they have 100 tests running that could lead to 100 new drugs for numerous conditions even beyond cancer.

You’ve seen the numbers. These drugs are worth hundreds of millions – potentially billions of dollars in revenue every year.

And this lab is just beginning to tap into its unprecedented revenue potential.

Its collection of 165,000 molecular samples may be the most valuable resource that any pharmaceutical company in the world owns.

Already this firm delivered two incredible breakthroughs in cancer…

But this is just scratching the surface.

They potentially hold the keys to powerful future treatments for Alzheimer’s, immune therapies, antibiotics, autoimmune diseases, and more.

This is another – and absolutely enormous – potential revenue stream.

It’s one that could blast’s this lab’s valuation through the roof.

I’m talking about this lab’s intellectual property – its patent portfolio.

Right now, at least three companies are interested in pursuing pilot studies with molecules from this lab’s collection.

Now, understandably the identities of these potential partners are proprietary, but I can tell you that this firm has already established licensing agreements with Johnson and Johnson and Taiho – the largest cancer pharmaceutical company in Japan.

This small lab has also already been granted 1,200 patents with 600 more pending.

Using data from the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology – I estimate each of these patents is worth an average of $1.55 million apiece.

That Means This Small Lab’s Patent Portfolio Alone is Worth $2.79 Billion.

And when you combine its patent portfolio with its potential revenue from the six cancer drugs we’ve talked about already…

That brings you to a total valuation that could reach $13.8 billion by 2020.

That is a 2,537% rise.

So if you’re a very conservative investor, and you purchase just one round lot in this small lab for $245, that could grow into $6,642.

If you want to claim a little bit bigger piece of the company – a $6,125 investment in 25 round lots could grow to $161,544.

And a healthy $12,250 investment in 50 round lots would grow to $323,087.

Now, when you get this prospectus, you may decide that you want to go for a huge seven-figure payday.

This is the kind of opportunity that makes that possible.

A $37,975 investment in 155 round lots could end up transforming into just over one million dollars ($1,001,571).

Now consider this…

A big chunk of this windfall – a big chunk of this 2,537% growth – it’s based on a conservative assumption.

Namely that ET-73 remains a “last resort” treatment.

But this is where things get really exciting.

If, as I anticipate, ET-73 expands beyond just “last resort” patients, there’s almost no limit.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as a risk-free investment, and this is no different.

Nobody can guarantee anything when it comes to biotech, and gains this large are rare.

But my goal with Radical Technology Profits is get you in on the ground floor of explosive opportunities like this one.…

The "ET-73 Prospectus" discusses the specific timelines for each revenue stream and its potential to expand beyond “last resort” applications.

Plus – listen to this…

If you decide to make an investment today, the government offers a powerful tax incentive on top of the profits this company is set to deliver.

All you’ll need to do to claim it is fill out a simple form and send it in. We’ve provided the form in the ET-73 Prospectus Package.

This credit alone has the potential to put thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars of profits back into your pocket.

Say for example, you turn 25 round lots – a $6,125 stake – into a $161,544 windfall…

By sending this simple form to the IRS, you could be eligible for a tax credit worth $38,859.

So think about that.

The IRS would “pay you” almost six times more than you originally invested into this company.

And again – I’m going to give you the form to make that happen – it’s in the ET-73 Prospectus Package.

Now, there is one final question I want to focus on.

Question #4: Will I Receive Any Help Managing This Investment?

The answer is – you are 100% in control of this venture.

The decision of whether or not to invest in this small lab is yours.

You call the shots.

However, I’m going to be right there with you – every step of the way – helping you maximize this opportunity.

To receive the "ET-73 Prospectus" – all you need to do is accept a risk-free invitation to join a unique investment research service I’ve founded called Radical Technology Profits.

My goal with Radical Technology Profits is to provide you with the research and specific investment recommendations that will get you in on the ground floor of explosive opportunities in biotech, military defense, supercomputing, 3D bioprinting…

Any cutting edge breakthrough that is receiving a flood of venture capital funding – and is on the verge of making investors very wealthy.

Through this service, my aim is to keep you up to date on this biotech firm’s progress in getting listed on the NASDAQ, as well as a host of other opportunities that we’ll be recommending you move in to.

I’ll give you real time briefings, via email, on their most successful clinical trials and promising drug applications.

I’ll alert you to every FDA drug approval announcement the second they’re released.

And when it’s time to cash out I’ll send you an alert then as well.

I will take you from A-to-Z so you get the optimal windfall profit from this opportunity.

And I’m confident that those profits will be significant because it’s not the first time I’ve uncovered an opportunity like this…

I Recently Presented Members with a Special Opportunity that Involved Another Incredible Molecule from a Marine Animal.

Containing Both Biological and Metallic Properties, It’s Classified as a Living Metal.

And it is found in the blood of a rare sea mollusk called Megathura crenulata.

This animal only exists in one place on earth, a 14-mile stretch of water off the coast of Southern California.

And major pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and half a dozen others are paying $141,748 for an ounce of this living metal.

They’re fighting to acquire as much of it as possible because an international panel of 15 doctors from the University of Liverpool, London’s Institute of Neurology, and the Alzheimer’s Institute in the U.S. have officially concluded it can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

And one company had a monopoly on the only scalable, sustainable supply of this miracle material.

So in a presentation just like this, I revealed the partnerships this firm had closed with major pharmaceutical companies around the world.

I demonstrated how these contracts could drive this lab’s revenues from $2.63 million in total sales to $620 million a year.

And just like today, the company’s CEO went on record for Radical Technology Profits members and revealed he was expecting to go public on the NASDAQ in the near future.

Then, I sent members our “Living Metal Prospectus,” just like the one I’ve developed for today’s event.

It explained how they could take a direct ownership stake in this company prior to it going public on the NASDAQ.

The company was listed November 5, and the CEO rang the closing bell that day.

And they’re well on their way to hitting their revenue goals.

Now, that was a significant opportunity.

But with the company I’ve been telling you about today, we’re not talking about $620 million in new revenue… we’re looking at $2.2 billion.

But this service is about much more than just one or two big investments.

Every month, I’ll send you an average of three “investment dossiers” I’ve put together detailing my latest work.

For instance…

I Worked with the Founder of a Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firm to Introduce an Opportunity for Members to Secure a Direct “Partnership Slot” in His Company.

Through this arrangement, Radical Technology Profits members were able to acquire ownership stakes in over two dozen pre-IPO companies under special terms… six of which are already members of The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion Dollar Start-Up Club.”

Some of the big names include DocuSign, the legal document verification company, whose valuation has risen eight-fold.

That’s the equivalent of turning a $2,000 stake into $16,000.

And OPEN X which in 2013 was named the third-fastest growing software company in North America with a staggering 44,075% surge in revenue… revenue that recently topped $100 million. Stakes in OpenX could grow about 22-fold.

That’s the Equivalent of Turning a $2,000 Stake into $44,000.

In the investment dossier I gave members simple, step-by-step instructions for executing their “partnership buy-in” through a special phone line that was reserved just for them.

Since introducing this opportunity, one of their holdings has IPO’d for $1.1 billion and another has been bought for $425 million in cash.

Now, after I issue an investment briefing for a new target, I will keep you updated on every development that takes places. I will be there, by your side – from the beginning to the end for each opportunity.

For instance, Organovo is a 3D bioprinting company whose technology will soon allow doctors to use a person’s own cells to bio-engineer donor tissue.

This was a fast mover. Thirty-eight days after I issued the original recommendation, it had risen 200%.

Which is why, whenever I feel it’s time to exit one of the positions and capture maximum gains, I will email you an instant sell alert.

However, because some of our targets could create large profits in a matter of days…

You will also be able to have a notification sent to your cell phone via text message, so you’ll always know when a new alert has been posted.

This feature came in especially handy last July after I recommended members buy Micron Technology.

The very next day a large Chinese university announced that they were considering a $23 billion buyout of this company.

It sent Micron’s shares skyrocketing and I immediately issued a sell alert that recommended members capture their profits.

One member let me know he was able to make 140% from this play in a single day while he was on a cruise.

And another turned it into a 155% gain.

This sell alert system, including the text message notifications is what allows us to be nimble.

And as the Director of Technology and Venture Capital Research, the team and I here at Money Morning have used this system to deliver a nonstop series of enormous windfalls.

Celldex, Pharmacylics, NetQin, Westport Innovations, Gilead Sciences, Aegerion Pharmaceuticals…

But even compared to these returns, today’s opportunity is exceptional.

It’s the chance to secure round lot ownership stakes in this small lab prior to its NASDAQ listing… and prior to its revenue jumping from $110 million to $2.2 billion.

Which is why I’d like to officially invite you to accept one of the 400 copies of the "ET-73 Prospectus" I’m releasing today.

Inside your package you’ll find everything you need to take advantage of the biotech firm’s incredible pipeline of life-saving drugs.

The accompanying audio briefing with the managing director and myself will delve further into this venture.

And most important, you’ll be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to secure round lots in this company before it’s listed on the NASDAQ exchange – which could happen any time now.

The Prospectus even includes a private phone number we’ve set up for you that you can call to secure these round lots through a major bank.

You can get all of this as a member of Radical Technology Profits.

Plus, many more unconventional and highly profitable opportunities like it.

Now, as a Radical Technology Profits member, you will also receive weekly intelligence rundowns that explore the economy, the markets, the groundbreaking technologies that are being developed, and, of course, our current investment opportunities.

In addition, I record audio and video reports of my meetings with the CEOs and innovators at the companies we’re targeting.

Plus, each week for your first month on board, I’ll send you a new training video.

These will show you how to analyze technology companies and markets.

And how to use a few tools that I picked up in Silicon Valley that will put you miles ahead of your average investor.

You’ll also have 24/7 access to the Radical Technology Profits website where every communication is archived, and you can monitor our open track record positions using a daily performance tracker.

And finally to answer any, and all, of your subscription questions, I have a members’ concierge service set up.

There is a button below that will take you to the non-disclosure and membership form that you will need to review and fill out before you can receive the "ET-73 Prospectus."

It will explain many other critical details about this opportunity but here’s one I want to point out now before you click this button.

For full disclosure I do not, nor does anyone at Money Morning, currently have any round lots in this biotech firm.

This provides you with an extra level of assurance that there are no conflicts of interest involved.

When you click the button below the costs for receiving a membership to Radical Technology Profits, which includes the "ET-73 Prospectus" package will also be explained.

And so will the following three guarantees I’ve put in place for your protection.

Guarantee #1: If You Feel This Opportunity Isn’t Right for You During the Next 30 Days – You Pay Nothing.

I encourage you to review my research, and the Prospectus, and decide whether this is something that fits your goals.

Then take the next 30 days to analyze Radical Technology Profits.

You’ll have full access to every investment briefing I release.

You’ll receive my weekly market analysis.

You can listen to my audio briefings and take full advantage of the video training I provide inside the members-only website.

Plus, you should utilize the private, phone concierge service I’ve created.

If for any reason, you feel this isn’t right for you, simply contact us and we’ll refund every penny of your membership fee.

Now, this second guarantee will truly show you how serious I am.

Guarantee #2: This Company Will Get Listed on the NASDAQ by the End of 2016… or I’ll Work for Free.

Now, you heard the company’s managing director say that listing could happen in the second half of 2016.

Which means it could literally take place any day now.

However, he also pointed out that if the market is volatile, they don’t want to punish their early investors.

If the conditions dictate, he says they’ll simply wait out the first quarter of 2017.

Now, I want to make sure you have the guidance you need when this company hits the NASDAQ. So, if that doesn’t happen by the end of the year, simply contact me and I’ll extend your membership to Radical Technology Profits another year on the house.

Now, I have one more layer of protection that backs up everything I’ve told you today.

Guarantee #3: You’ll Make Five Times Your Money in the First Year, or I’ll Work for Free.

ET-73 is already approved for soft tissue sarcoma in the U.S., Europe, Japan… a total of 78 countries around the world.

Based on their own projections – and those from an independent research firm they hired, revenues will multiply almost five times, going from $110 million in 2015, to $517 million in 2016.

And the company’s valuation will move right along with it.

Of course, I expect much more than that… in today’s presentation I showed you how ET-73 is working near miracles for patients who had no other hope…

I showed you the new forms of cancer it could soon be approved for that could drive this small lab’s revenue as high as $2.20 billion a year.

We talked about an even bigger potential revenue stream.

Its patent portfolio – and how it could be worth $2.79 billion.

So when you put it altogether – a 2,537% windfall is my goal for this opportunity from start to finish.

But I want to guarantee you see the potential right away.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

If you aren’t given the opportunity to make at least five times your money in the first year I’ll work for free…

Just contact me, tell me you didn’t get the kind of return you expected, and I’ll extend your membership another 12 months at no charge.

I’m only making this opportunity available to a few folks who can see the true size and scope of this opportunity.

I’m ONLY offering this ET-73 Prospectus that’s included with a membership to Radical Technology Profits – to the first 400 people who make the decision to join today.

I want you to be one of them.

But today’s spots won’t last long. They’re being distributed on a first come first served basis. And I can’t guarantee there will be any more available tomorrow.

So click the button below and you’ll be taken directly to the nondisclosure agreement and membership form.

Or, if you prefer speaking with someone over the phone, just call VIP Services Director Gabe Oropollo at 1.855.509.6600 (1.443.353.4770 for international callers) and mention Priority Code WTIMS811.

I want to thank you for participating in this presentation.

I’m Michael Robinson. Good day.

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August 2016


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