This Incredible 14-Millimeter "Chip" Contains

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Hello, my name is Michael Robinson.

Having been a board member of one Silicon Valley venture capital firm, and an advisor for two more…

I’ve been fortunate to get in on the ground floor of the biggest technological breakthroughs in recent history.

I worked alongside Lee Iacocca and Roger Smith, the CEOs of Chrysler and GM, as they led the robotics revolution that saved the U.S. automotive industry.

I was 1 of 5 people involved in the early meetings for the $160 billion “cloud computing” phenomenon.

And as cyber security was becoming a focus for the National Intelligence community, I was with Dave DeWalt, the CEO of McAfee Inc….

Right before Intel acquired his company for $7.8 billion.

MEMS Device

However, what you’re looking at now is the most disruptive and lucrative innovation I’ve been a part of during my 34-year career.

Measuring Just 14mm…
It’s the World’s Smallest Medical Implant

Open it up and you’ll find a device that could fulfill one of the most important endeavors in human history.

You see, 1.5 million Americans have a heart attack every year. More than 570,000 die of cancer. Respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s, strokes and diabetes kill 410,000 more.

I’m confident this could change all of that.

And that’s because I was a strategic consultant for a company that was building an early prototype of this device.

That company was sold for $126 million… and that was back in 2006.

Today, this device is responsible for creating $11.1 billion in revenue.

But this is just a drop in the bucket compared to what’s coming.

Silicon Valley insiders now estimate that revenue from this device is about to surge 63,000% between now and 2017.

And create $7 trillion in new wealth.

Already, top experts inside the medical profession, who’ve seen this type of device up close, are making eye-opening predictions.

Take USC Cancer Specialist, Dr. David Agus, one of the most renowned doctors in his field…

He believes that, as he put it, “The end of illness is closer than you might think.”

In a few moments you will find yourself agreeing with him, because…